JUX-710 Bds employee secretly fucks client's wife

JUX-710 Bds employee secretly fucks client's wife

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    The name of the movie ( Bds employee secretly fucks customer's wife ) is probably a bit counterintuitive because it is the wife who betrays her husband to secretly "go to bed" with the real estate employee. product). Once when she and her husband went to buy an apartment, Matsui fell in love with the real estate agent. Even though he was old, she still liked him a little bit. Matsui used her eyes to flirt, but perhaps the other man didn't understand so he left somewhere else, or he understood but because her husband was there, he pretended to ignore it; it's not over yet... The next day, when the two sides had agreed, the wife proactively told her husband to go to work, there was no need to ask for leave from the company, she would go to the male employee's office alone to sign the contract. Of course Matsui did not. If you want your husband to come with you, everyone has their own reasons. This time, the wife did not want anyone to disturb her "private matter" with her husband, and the male lead in the role of "disturbing" was none other than the husband - the person she was bored with in sex.
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