DV-1683 A particular student raped teacher Arisa Misato

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    DV-1683 Arisa Misato Female Teacher Rape School Room. The story begins in the middle of autumn that year. This year Misato is the homeroom teacher of a class of all male students. Thinking that everything would go as smoothly as in previous years, Misato had guided many students to success on their educational path. However, unfortunately, Ms. Misato had a student in her class this year who was addicted to sex. From the moment she entered the class, he just stared at Misato's extremely attractive round breasts and thought Imagine the scene of Misato gently unbuttoning each button of her shirt to reveal her white skin, the drops of sweat gently rolling down her enchanting breasts and her eyes inviting him... then told herself that she would have to rape him. Equal to Misato. Let's wait and see what the fate of teacher Misato will be.
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